The Bakery

Opening hours

We are open for Dine-in and Pick-up every day.


Boulevard Riyadh City

Sunday – Monday 4pm to 1am



Friday – Saturday 3pm to 1am

Sunday – Thursday 8am to 1am


Panorama Mall

Sunday – Monday 10am to 11.30pm


Come straight to the counter to select from our fresh-baked BIG cookies, homemade soft serve and artisan coffee. Tell us where you are sitting and the team will bring your order straight to you, as soon as it’s ready.


You can order our products from “Hungerstation”, “The Chefz”, “ToYou” and “Jahez” food delivery apps.

Do you Offer Catering?

Yes, we do! You can contact us on info@cremelondonksa.com or call us on 050 020 1320

The Brand

What is Crème?

Crème is a New York inspired dessert shop that puts a French twist on American classics. The French twist comes from our Executive Chef Gabrielle Coste and the American classics we specialise in are cookies and soft serve ice cream.

What does Crème mean?

Crème is ‘cream’ in French and we wanted a name that sounded soft, warm and cosy just like our cookies.

The Cookies

What are your flavours?

Milk Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Miso & White Chocolate, Cafe Crème and seasonal flavours – come by to see what we’ve been baking!

Do you do vegan?

We are working on it!

Do you do gluten free?

Not yet but we’ll launch it soon!

Why are there nuts in all the cookies?

Because when we were developing the recipes, nothing brought the density but also the crumble to the cookie like ground almonds. We also love the subtle sweet/nutty flavour they bring to the dough. We know that lots of people are allergic so we’re going to try and develop nut free cookies!

Where are the cookies made?

At our shop in Riyadh, every day.

Are you going to do any more flavours?

Totally! We’re always working on new ones and have 100s of ideas we want to bring to you in cookie form. It’s important to us that we stay to our French roots so are keen to bring you flavours inspired by our patisserie background.

How do you make them gooey?

Secret, sorry!

Are the cookies undercooked?

No of course not! The cookies actually travel through a super smart oven that means they can never be undercooked, or overcooked for that matter. The goo is perfectly safe to eat.

What are the allergens?

Our cookies: Nuts, Milk, Eggs, Gluten, Soya

Our soft serve: Milk, Gluten

Cookie Mainte- nance

How long do they stay fresh?

The cookies are baked super fresh and we would recommend you eat them on the day of arrival, using our reheat instructions.

How should they be stored?

The box is fine but ideally in an airtight container, or you can clingfilm the box. Exposure to air is what makes them dry and too hard.

What should I do if I want to eat them in 2 days?

Put them in the oven for 5 minutes at 180C and they will go back to their gooey best!

Can they be frozen?

Yes, we recommend freezing on the day of purchase and when ready to eat, bake at 180C for 10 minutes or until warmed through.

The Ice Cream

What is the ice cream flavour?

Malt flavour.


How much is a cookie?

All cookies are SAR 20.

How much are your boxes?

In store: SAR 100 for  6 and SAR 180 for 12.

Delivery app: SAR 125 for 6 and SAR 220 for 12.

Do you do big orders?

Order as many cookies as your heart desires, for special orders just email info@cremelondonksa.com

(Subject to availability at short notice, so please let us know as soon as you can)


Cash or Credit Card


All prices include VAT at 15%